Ironton co-Founder and partner Debra Goldman invites you to participate in Indra's Net by hadley hooper

Sunday January 10th, noon-6pm in the Ironton gallery

Ironton is pleased to host this community art collaboration with Debra Goldman, local community environmental activist Paddy McClelland and Wall of Women Colorado. 

Join the artists in the gallery to create a communal net. This object will symbolize our need to come together in working towards solutions to keep fossil fuels in the ground to protect the Earth for our children and future generations. 

The weaving will be made from clothing and fabric brought by you, cut and torn into lengths long enough to knot into the larger whole. 

We will also weave a golden thread throughout the net to represent the Kintsugi or “golden repair” that is present when we tend to the wounding of ourselves and of our planet. The repaired cracks becoming the strongest and most resilient. This golden thread will also honor the continued healing of the Animas River.

At the end of the day the net will be gifted to the Wall of Women who will
place it in different locations in Colorado. Stay for any or all of the afternoon, refreshments provided.

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