Bryan Leister, Reflections by hadley hooper

Opening Reception is Friday May 22nd, 7-10pm. The show runs through June 27th, 2015.

Reflections, an installation

This exhibition is a game-based interactive installation that reflects on living and working in Colorado as an artist. The installation combines old West iconography with modern video game tropes to present a visual and sonic experience of the Colorado landscape.

The installation concept started with an exploration of game design mechanics and typical video game concepts exploring ways to build worlds and create engaging experiences.

"When I think of Colorado, I think about the landscape and the people that are here ‚moving, building and progressing. People move into a space, adapt to it and change it. The way I am writing code is very similar, a space is recognized, things are added and random events create unexpected situations and solutions. This project explores the tropes found in Colorado contrasted with those found in video games."

-    Bryan Leister, 2015


Bryan Leister‚'s installations have been exhibited at the Urban Institute for Contemporary in Grand Rapids, Redline Denver, the Parthenon Museum in Nashville, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and the Arlington Arts Center in Virginia.

His films have screened in festivals throughout the country, including the Altanta Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, The Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Black Maria Film Festival.

Leister works from his studio in Denver, Colorado and is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Denver.

Artist Statement

My work explores the intersection between what is real and what is perceived. I am constantly searching for spaces where this boundary has become visible and through my work I try to examine this border. 

I am broadly influenced by the history of depiction and illusionism in painting, stemming from my background as an oil painter. The attempt to breach the physical world and move into a utopian space of perfection and beauty has propelled my work from the beginning. I continue along this path using any medium and format at my disposal, including video, installation and animation. I have found commonality in the role of mathematics, proportion and viewer perception in each piece that I do.

By simultaneously pulling the viewer into a work and pushing the process out into the physical world, through painting, performance or motion, I hope to negotiate a space somewhere in between.