PAINT/METAL/PAINT / by hadley hooper

New work by Patricia "Murph" Murphy, Craig Wright, and Dawn S. McFadden

The Opening Reception is Friday October 24th, 6-9pm

The show runs through November 29th, 2014


Paint / Metal / Paint brings together the work of longtime Denver artists Patricia (Murph) Murphy, Craig Wright, and Dawn S. McFadden. Each of these artists has a strong, independent artistic voice, and each brings a sense of humanity, intimacy, and compassion to their work.


Patricia ‘Murph’ Murphy’s new paintings continue her study of the figure. These paintings delve into new territory both in their use of bright colors and their subjects.  Often sculptural figures are used as her models, among them Maillol’s “The River.”  Others incorporate abstract and formalist components.  “I approach these paintings as an exploration of color and composition using the figure, repositioned from painting to painting, as the vehicle for the work.” 


Dawn S. McFadden’s paintings document ephemeral objects formed of paper. Bends and folds, cuts and creases transform the paper into elegant structures that morph from sinuous curves in crisp-edged frames. “In these paintings, volume and mass stand in for the tension I feel between stability and collapse. The works are made using a reductive method, allowing me one chance to save the image – my imperfect attempts to hold onto something fragile but strong – an illogical, yet continual aspiration.” 


Craig Wright’s archetypical steel and copper sculptures reflect the influence of modern abstraction. Changes in size, surface texture, scale and the relationships of different metal strengths inform the composition of his organic forms. “It is always my desire to leave some marks or evidence of process on the work – this reveals my humanity and makes the work personal. My jewelry work fuels the generation of the larger scale pieces.” The planishing, raising and soldering of metalsmithing leads to small maquettes that translate into the fabrication of these human-sized artifacts.